Suncat Meadowlark - Singer-Songwriter

Suncat Meadowlark is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and flutist with an Indie Folk-Pop style. Currently enjoying the high life of living in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina; Suncat is a Mountain Mama, inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the soothing sounds of the 70s. Her music blends rhythmic guitar with heartfelt lyrics and fluttery flights of fancy on flute. Growing up in New England, Suncat's home was always filled with music on the stereo and members of the family singing. Her mother deeply believed in the power of music. She bought Suncat a flute and put her in the elementary school music program. Suncat played first chair in the high school concert band and was inducted into the Modern Music Masters Society.  She also performed in the Jazz Ensemble. Inspired by her father's and uncle's interest in learning to play guitar, Suncat also took on the instrument.  Self-taught, she learned on her dad's Alvarez Regent and soon bought "Sunny," her Sunburst American Standard Fender Stratocaster with maple neck. Suncat was always writing songs in her youth, but began to take a more serious Singer-Songwriter stance in the fall of 2010. In addition to making Indie Folk-Pop music, Suncat Meadowlark also works with michaeljohnjazz and The Tao Flow to produce meditation music for Inspired and